The Designer

Yael Rosen Ben-shachar graduated from ‘Bezalel’ Art and Design Academy Jeruslaem and founded Kisim in 2000. 

From the very first model, the brand’s conceptual concept has been based on the range between simple, clean design and the art of leather processing.

Yael design pieces that translate both femininity and modernity, which helps create the clean, fluid and fitted aesthetic she is now known for.

In the variety of bags there is an extra special attention to the woman’s versatility, creating a series of models that convey contemporary, powerful and sensual femininity with an original aesthetic statement.

The design language of KISIM ranges between simplicity and sophistication, between the local and the universal, the elegant and the shabby chic, between the fashionable and the artistic.

In the leather bags as well as in the fabric and wallets, there will always be a surprise embedded in the process of creation: folding, lining, cutting or closing. So how is a bag born? Out of need, idea or material.

Women’s bags, men’s bags unisex and wallets.